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Meet Shari!

Shari is an artrificial intelligence assistant who can answer questions  about Defined Benefit Life.

The New Way Create Your Own Financial Security.

Invest 11 minutes to learn how.

Matt's Ai spokesperson, Lori, explains the extraordinary advantages of Defined Benefit Life.


"How much retirement income will I have?"

"It's the important question that Americans can't answer. 


401(k), TSP, 403(b), 457?   

Do you participate in one of these plans?

  • They are great plans for saving.

  • They are terrible for retirement income,

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"The American dream was a steady job with a middle class salary, decent benefits, and the promise of a pension in retirement."


"Why did retirement security disappear? Why did the financial risk shift to you?  We lost the Defined Benefit Pension."

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* Source: WHY PENSIONS MATTER The history of defined benefit pension plans in the United States of America, March 2017

On November 6, 1978, Congress enacted Internal Revenue Code section 401(k). That day marked the beginning of the end of Defined Benefit Pension plans. In the decades that followed, hundreds of companies froze or shut down their pensions. In their place came "defined contribution" plans like 401(k), These plans shifted the investment risk away from the employer and onto the shoulders of the employee.

Defined contribution plans may be good for saving, but they are terrible for income.  401(k), TSP, 403(b) and other similar plans made it virtually impossible for most employees to answer the most important question a retiree should be able to answer:

"What's Your Income?"


Results that Only a Unique Life Insurance Strategy Can Deliver

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Financial Security Today

  • Protection and cash value growth when you are young.

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Retirement Security Tomorrow

  • Protection and retirement income when you retire.

Solve Your Personal Retirement. Challenge.

See the strategy, Learn why Defined Benefit Life is the smart and efficient way to build your retirement security.

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Previous generations had a predictable retirement income. We don't. Wouldn't it be better to know that you can retire?
With an income you can be confident of receiving?

Define Your Income.
And actually receive it.


Income Tax-Free.

That's how to build real retirement security.
Defined Benefit Life makes it possible.


"During the postwar economic boom, defined benefit pensions represented the closing chapter of a solid middle class life."

Source: WHY PENSIONS MATTER The history of defined benefit pension plans in the United States of America, March 2017

"You can eliminate financial uncertainty!"

It's time to learn about

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"You may not know that you can fund an income in retirement that is income tax-free. But it's true. Learn about the Strategy."

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